We begin accepting children at 3 months into our infant program. Infants spend their days interacting with their caregivers and peers and exploring their environment with plenty of opporunities for unhindered movement. Ample time is provided for uninterupted play with a variety of open-ended materials. Children develop self-confidence at a young age by engaging in their caregiving routines and receiving respecful and personalized care from their caregivers. Infants explore our outdoor environment when the weather allows and participate in our music curriculum on a daily basis.






We begin accepting children at 15 months into our toddler program. Toddlers spend their days engaging in a large variety of activities. Materials are rooted in the development of language, motor skills, sensorial exploration and order. Children are encouraged to participate in classroom routines and gain independence through self-care. Toddlers are enriched through play-based exploration and discovery. Natural elements, messy art and project based learning are all aspects of a child's day. Toilet learning is a large component of our curriculum. Our daily routine includes ample time for music, art and outdoor play.



Preschool (Primary)

We begin accepting children at 3 years into our preschool program. Preschoolers engage in a specially designed environment with traditional Montessori materials that introduce the basic concepts of writing, reading, math, science, geography and much more. Children participate in activities that build self-confidence and independence as well as social skills and a love of learning. Practical life materials are provided so that children are encouraged to care for themselves and their environment. Preschool children are introducted to the wonderful world around them and study all aspects of their environment by choosing topics that are engaging for them. Every preschooler's education is personalized and caters to their own unique personality. 

Food Program

We are commited to providing nutritious foods that are minimally processed and connect children with how and where food is grown. All snacks and lunches provided by Peace Tree are whole foods that provide natural energy thorughout the day. Everyday, lunch includes a vegetarian entree, vegetable, fruit and milk. We also provide a morning and afternoon snack. All of the food served at Peace Tree is included in tuition and served family style.

          Example Snack Menu:                    Example Lunch Menu: 






Sherrilyn is co-owner of Peace Tree School, and a full-time administrator. She has been a Montessori educator for 10 years in both toddler and primary environments, she received her Montessori training through the North American Montessori Center (NAMC).  She also holds a Bachelors degree in Social Work and has worked as a family advocate for the Salvation Army Family Treatment Services. Sherrilyn enjoys creating a stimulating and enriching classroom for children and caregivers, and is always on the lookout for new ways to engage and guide the children as they grow. Sherrilyn enjoys spending time with her husband and their two dogs, she grew up in southern Oregon near the bast of Crater Lake and has a strong love for the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She loves animals, nature and her local community. She enjoys thrifting, art and exploring the many enticing things Portland has to offer. She plays music in a local band and loves to enrich the classrooms with songs and dancing. 


Breanne is co-owner of Peace Tree School, and a full-time administrator. She is a certified Montessori Infant and Toddler guide with 8 years of experience leading infant and toddler classrooms. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University of Denver with an emphasis on family and child psychology. She received her Montessori Infant & Toddler Credential from the Montessori Education Center of the Rockies. Breanne’s interest in Magda Gerber and her educaring approach has led her to receive her Foundations I training with Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE). Breanne has worked in a director role since 2013 and has received her director's training certificate through the Oregon Association for the Education of Young Children (OEAYC). Breanne believes that above all, young children deserve to be respected and treated as individuals. She is passionate about educating teachers to their fullest potential and partnering with them to create well-rounded and joyful environments for the Peace Tree children. Breanne is a Portland native who enjoys spending time with her husband and children, who are students at Peace Tree School. Her and her family enjoy everything that the Portland outdoors has to offer, hiking, camping, gardening and boating on the river. 


Preschool House


Lead Primary Guide

John is a certified Infant & Toddler Montessori guide, with a credential from North American Montessori Center. He is an experienced lead teacher and is passionate about guiding young children in all aspects of their growth and development. Starting October 2019, John will be attending the Center for Guided Montessori Studies to obtain his Montessori Primary credential. According to John, "I love how much joy, humor, energy, love and life children have. It is fulfilling to be an active and positive part of their well-being and development." John has a beautifully nurturing spirit and open authenticity that put children and parents instantly at ease. With a background in musical performance, specifically the trumpet, french horn, accordion, ukulele and vocals, he enjoys bringing music to the children on a daily basis. He enjoys every thing Portland has to offer and spends his weekends and evenings performing in his bands, attending music shows, as well as giving music lessons at Torchsong Studios. He also loves gardening, skateboarding and hanging out with his rabbit, Porgy. 


Preschool Assistant

Kelly has a bachelor's degree in English from Portland State University and has always planned on pursuing a teaching career. After many years of informal childcare experience, she is excited to work in Early Childhood Education at Peace Tree. Kelly says, "Children always brighten my day and I love to have the chance to brighten theirs!" Kelly has an open heart and is an amazing caregiver, she really takes the time to bond with each child in her care. Raised in California, Kelly has settled in Portland with her partner and sassy cat, Marigold. For her, Portland's charm comes from its bike-friendly roads and that it is a vegan meca. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, playing drums and reading. 

13th AVE

Preschool House


Lead Primary Guide

Tassie joined Peace Tree after many years of experience in the classroom and over 10 years working with children. After receiving a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and working in the public schools she took off to travel the world. On her return, she received her Primary Montessori teaching credential from the Montessori Institute Northwest here in Portland and also earned her Masters in Education from Loyola University. She is passionate about learning and believes that every child is capable of amazing things if shown the way and given a chance. Tassie says, "I am so happy that I found Montessori and this age group, I honestly can't think of any other thing I'd like to do with my life!" Tassie brings an enthusiasm to her work that is contagious, the children respond instantly to her confidence and guidance in the classroom. She is originally from New York but moved to Portland in 2009 and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. She lives with her husband and her dog in SE Portland and enjoys exploring the Northwest. Her passions are hiking new trails, crafting cards, baking pies, dancing to all kinds of music, potlucks with good people, traveling to new places, and reading good stories. 

***Tassie in on maternity leave until Janaury 2020***



Preschool Assistant

Ali has her Bachelor's degree in Communications Disorders and Sciences (Speech Pathology) and a minor in Special Education from the University of Oregon. She has experience with a wide range of age groups in a variety of settings, such as elementary classrooms, high school special education classrooms, in-home care and the preschool class at Peace Tree. In her own words, "My greatest strength is being compassionate and understanding of all kinds with all types of abilities." Ali loves the explorative nature of the preschool age group and encourages their efforts with her unending support and love. Ali is a Portland native and loves the trees, restaurants, breweries and urban nature in her hometown. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, spending time with family & friends and cooking. 


Infant & Toddler House


Lead Infant Guide

Kristin obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Portland State University. After graduating, Kristin explored her interest in working with children by volunteering in the NICU with infants and with Volunteers of America at the local Relief Nursery. She landed at Peace Tree as an infant caregiver and she says, "I want to give children what they need to develop at their own pace. They are truly unique and smart individuals and its honestly amazing what we can learn from them as adults." Kristin's calm and cheerful attitude make her a natural caregiver. Kristin is a Portland native and currently dwells here with her partner. During her free time, she enjoys hiking and exploring Portland's natural beauty, crafting and photography. Kristin will begin pursuing her Infant & Toddler Montessori Credential in September 2019 with Heart and Hand Montessori Teacher Education Program.


Lead Toddler Guide

Sara has years of experience caring for children and is currently working on achieving her bachelor's degree in Human Development at Washington State University. Sara is passionate about Montessori education and caring for infants & toddlers. She is currently pursuing her Infant & Toddler Montessori credential with Heart and Hand Montessori Teacher Education Program. She loves that every day is different and the bond she has with each child. In her own words, "I love children, especially babies, I love watching them grow and learn new things everyday." Sara's attention to detail and mothering instincts are an huge asset in the toddler classroom. She always wants to learn more about respectful caregiving and the Montessori philosophy and that love of learning is passed on to her children. Sara is a Portland native who currently lives in Vancouver, although she loves visiting her hometown neighborhood of St. Johns. Sara loves coffee, finding new & local coffee shops, exploring new places and going on hikes.  


Toddler Assistant

Emily graduated from University of Puget Sound with a double-major in biology and philosophy. Her interest in working with children was ignited when after college she started working with special needs children in their homes. Emily was drawn to the bonds that are created when educating young children and jumped at the chance to join a Montessori community. She says, "I love the pure and beautiful energy of children, spending time with them makes life better and makes the world better." Emily's constant positivity and playfulness help engage the infants and brighten their day. Emily is a Portland native and even though this is her hometown she loves that she can always find something new. She explores our state's natural beauty on solo-backpacking trips, but when she needs a change of pace she loves to travel abroad. Emily also enjoys knitting and reading.



Infant & Toddler House


Lead Toddler Guide

Channing received his bachelor's of science degree in Human Development and Family Science with a focus on Human Services from Oregon State University, he also minored in Women's studies. Channing is currently pursuing his Infant & Toddler Montessori credential with Heart and Hand Montessori Teacher Education Program. His motivation to work with children can be summed up by his own words, "Children are our future. I want to grow old in a world filled with adults who were taught loving kindness from early on. I am doing my part for each kid and for a better world. It's so much fun!" Channing's calm demeanor and emphasis on respectful caregiving make him an ideal infant teacher. He is a Portland native who loves our home climate of grey skies and summer rain. Channing enjoys video games, playing the guitar, drawing and spending quality time with his brother. 

Ashley B.

Toddler Assistant

Ashley is originally from Arizona and received her bachelor's degree in English & Literature from Arizona State University. She completed her Montessori Infant & Toddler training in August 2018 and spent her practicum year at Peace Tree School. She is passionate about Montessori education and looks forward to becoming a lead guide someday. In her own words, about her greatest strength as a caregiver, "I try to get on the children's level when interacting with them and anticipate their needs." Ashley is extremely patient and makes sure that each child has the opportunity to do things for themsleves. Ashley's favorite thing about Portland is the changing seasons, especially the fall leaves and spring flowers. When not in the classroom, she spends most of her time taking walks in nature and reading.


Lead Infant Guide

Jane is a trained artist with a bachelors degree from University of California and a Masters degree from Parsons School of Design. Her true calling, however, is infant care and education. Jane is a natural caregiver with the ability to give her all to her young students. When working with the babies, Jane is affectionate and encouraging and builds strong bonds with them in a period when attachment is most important. When asked why she loves working with children she says, "I've been working with children for 13 years! Their adorable and fun nature draw me to them." Jane is new to Portland and she loves the nature of the area. On her free time, you can find Jane visiting museums, galleries and art fairs. She loves to explore the many food options in Portland and go on hikes with her husband.



Mikayla graduated from University of Oregon with a degree in Family and Human services. She was eager to get experience in the classroom after college and jumped at the chance to join the Peace Tree community and learn more about Montessori education. Being around children "fills her up" in a way that nothing else can. Mikayla's flexibility and enthusiasm in the classroom make her an ideal caregiver. Mikayla is an Oregon native and grew up in Ashland. She is excited to living in Portland and taking in the city life and all it has to offer, including the great food and concerts. Mikayla enjoys spending time with friends, reading & writing and listening to music. 


Dekum House:

432 NE Dekum St

Portland, OR 97211


13th Ave House:

5406 NE 13th Ave  

Portland, OR 97211

12th Ave House: 

5901 NE 12th Ave 

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Commercial House: 

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