Music is a dominant theme of our daily life at Peace Tree. Our children have the opportunity to engage in musical experiences at all times, whether it's playing with an array of musical instruments or daily circle time accompanied by our guitar, ukalele and piano players.


Our preschool community benefits from weekly music lessons with Teacher John who makes music come alive through a formal music appreciation curriculum. Each month, students focus on a different genre of music and experience it through listening samples, relevant instruments and historical stories and facts. Click the button below for a sample music curriculum newsletter: 






Sample Music Newsletter 






Opportunities to explore and discover artistically is an important precursor to self-expression and imagination. Various art mediums are provided to allow the child to experience the whole spectrum of artistic expression. We believe that young children benefit most from art experiences that are predominately sensorial. Every week the children have the opportunity to participate in "Messy Art" explorations with our two amazing art teachers: Blaire and Zoe. Children will use all of their senses to create their masterpieces.

Click the button below for sample art curriculum newsletters: 


       Infant & Toddler Art Newsletter       Preschool Art Newsletter              

Yoga & Movement


Freedom of movement is a core component of both Montessori and RIE philosophies. Our environments are designed to optimize movement and avoid restrictions. We understand that between the ages of 0-6, children rely on movements to learn and grow. Many materials provided in the classroom are designed to stimulate fine and gross motor skills. Movement excercises such as yoga, dancing and tai chi are daily occurances in our indoor and outdoor environments. 


We offer: Weekly formal yoga instruction from Honey Heart Kids Yoga (

for our Toddler & Preschool Communities.







Nature & Gardening


Gardening is an on-going part of the Peace Tree curriculum. We are fortunate to live in an area of the world that can sustain gardens year-round. Children will have the opportunity to participate and observe the entire lifecycle process of the garden, from planting the first seed to tasting the first carrot. Our harvests will be brought into the classroom and prepared into something yummy by our older children for everyone to enjoy. We believe it is extremely important for children to partipate in the growing of food and fully understand what it takes to nourish our bodies.


Our playground is designed to be a "natural playscape." Instead of traditional playground equipment we utilize natural elements to create a dynamic and beautiful playspace for children to connect with nature. Logs, dirt, sand, sticks, water... these objects hold a child's curiousity and allow them to learn while they play. Outside play is a must, regardless of the weather, children can benefit from the outdoors in every season.


Dekum House:

432 NE Dekum St

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13th Ave House:

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12th Ave House: 

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