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Mission Statement

We believe that quality childcare is a collaboration between the caregiver, family, child, and classroom. The children at Peace Tree School benefit from trained and experienced caregivers, a partnership with families and a curricular environment that fosters discovery and exploration.



Growing Strong Roots.

     At Peace Tree School we believe that exploration and discovery are vital to child development. Our individualized and nurturing approach to early education is supported by the Montessori Method and Magda Gerber’s concept of educaring, also referred to as Resources for Infant Educarers or RIE. Positive interactions between family, child, caregiver and environment is what we strive for in all aspects of our philosophy and methods.          

    A strong foundation in problem-solving, emotional intelligence and imaginative thinking are critical for developing minds. Our curriculum is child-directed; we honor the child’s independence and individual ability by offering choices and a diverse array of learning materials. At Peace Tree, children are given the opportunity to thrive  at their own pace and in their own way. We warmly accept  children of all cultures, abilities and learning styles and we encourage the enrollment of children with special needs.

    Our caregivers understand the value of experiences rich in nature, music, creativity and exploration and use these principles to guide our curriculum. Teachers at Peace Tree are trained in child development and serve as guides to the children in their care. We believe in practicing respectful caregiving routines with infants and toddlers and facilitating opportunities for the children to engage in uninterrupted play and purposeful work.

    We believe that childcare should be a partnership between home and school; between parents and caregivers. We want each family to be included in decisions about their child’s care, and feel represented in the classroom. The relationship between parent, child and caregiver strengthens as children are allowed to choose their own primary caregiver.

    Environments are designed to reflect the child’s home environment and provide support for the child’s many developmental needs. Conflicts can be avoided by an intentionally planned classroom design, as well as the use of positive phrasing and redirection. Our environments provide ample space for freedom of movement and many opportunities for children to gain the skills they need to be independent.

    Through frequent observation and assessment we build a curriculum that takes into consideration each piece of the puzzle: the environment, the caregivers, the individual child and the family. We believe that quality care exists when each of these things are tended to and allowed to thrive.



    Peace Tree School first opened its doors in March 2015. After years of experience working in Montessori preschools, Oregon natives, Sherrilyn & Breanne decided to bring their passion and training to the Woodlawn neighborhood. Thoughtfully designed, Peace Tree is a place for children and families to feel at home. (See the Staff page for more information.)


Peace Tree School, A Gathering Place.

It is our goal to create a community of children, families and caregivers. A place where children can thrive and childhood is protected. Ours goals inspire us in everything we do and we hope that they will inspire you too:



To create and promote a holistic view of early child education, focusing on skills that are necessary to help a person develop emotional and social intelligence as well as cognitive function.


To treat children, families and caregivers with respect and understanding.


To create environments that stimulate the children in our care, with a focus on

individualized curriculum so each child learns at their own pace and in their own way.


To choose specially designed materials and experiences that create opportunities

for children to teach themselves by manipulating materials and participating in

activities that are sensorial and hands-on.


To use sustainable practices in all levels of our program.


To make a positive impact on the community that we serve and the field of early childhood education. We envision a world where peace is valued and individuals have the skills to be capable, respectful and caring citizens.







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