Certified Montessori teachers make Peace Tree School an authentic Montessori program. Our environments and materials reflect our Montessori roots and emphasize each child's natural abilities and love of learning.


Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE), also called the Educaring Approach provides comprehensive techniques for caring for young children with respect. With an emphasis on providing high-quality care for children in group settings, RIE is an indispensable aspect of the Peace Tree School curriculum


Teaching and modeling sustainable habits will have a huge impact on how future generations treat our Earth. We strive to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of our program, creating little waste and minimizing our ecological footprint.


The significance of exposure to art and music at an early age cannot be understated. At Peace Tree School we incorporate a variety of enrichment activities such as music, art, yoga, gardening, science, foreign language and natural playscapes.


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We are building!

Peace Tree School is currently developing three townhomes on our Grand Ave lot to consolidate our Dekum, 13th Ave & 12th Ave locations. This project is set to be complete in Spring 2022. We are excited to bring this amazing Montessori pod to the neighborhood!